Kern County sheriff’s Mounted Posse

The Kern County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse was started in 1939 and is the oldest existing working posse in California. The Posse has approximately 45 current members and conducts fundraising events throughout the year to benefit physically and mentally challenged children in Kern County.

1) Kid’s Day at the Fair 1969 with members Frank Maitia Sr., Bill Caughron, Ray Parker, Max Stubbs, Jim Addy, Stu Stuart, Al Salyer, Dave Snedden, Bill Thompson, Joe Ayraud, Bruce Marchbanks, Pete Painter, Charlie Elwood, Earnie Fergerson

  1. 2)First Spring Ride 1947

  2. 3)Mineral King ride 1958

  3. 4)Jordon Hot Springs by Kennedy Meadow 1968 Charlie Dodge, and Bruce Marchbanks

  4. 5)Roads Inn By Johnson Dale 1958 Keith Manley, Cliff Neeley, Bruch Marchbanks, Bill Houck, Joe Eyraud

  5. 6)Horse shoes at Mineral King 1958 Charlie Henning, Max Stubbs, Elmer Saddiucci, Gordon Rush, Wilber Wyatt, Bob Buckley, Doc McNaul

  6. 7) Annual ride at Mineral King 1958 Tom Mix, Gordon Rush, Joe Eyraud

  7. 8)Kids Day at the Kern Co Fair Bruce Marchbanks, Jim Addy, Ray Parker

  8. 9)Bruce Marchbanks and his mule

  9. 10) Roads Inn by Johnson Dale 1958 Wilber Wyatt, Doc McNaul, Tom Mitchell, Tom Mix Joe Eyraud