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2015 SGT.  







In memory of our friend Stan E Henry

April 11 1935
Sept 9th 2014

KCSMP Member 1985 to 2014


The Kern County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse was started in 1939 and is the oldest existing working posse in California. The Posse has approximately 45 members and participates in parades and rodeos throughout California. Leading the Posse is Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood; along with Captain Tom Svare and Lieutenant Anthony Mungary.

Our organization stands tall and rides proud as we commit to raising funds to assist well deserved organizations many of which focus on the area of child welfare. The Posse conducts fund raising events throughout the year to benefit physically and mentally challenged children in Kern County. This includes a “Kid’s Day at the Kern County Fair for 3,000 children. The Posse sponsors and feeds the children for the day.

The Sheriff's Posse is best known for its high profile in parades and rodeos, but members perform many fundraisers throughout the year as well as devoting hands on volunteer hours to help enrich the lives of many. Donations include: handicapped bicycles, playground equipment, to children and schools in need throughtout Kern County. Church Camps are sponsored for troubled kids in order to get them back on track and to have productive lives.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is an organization of volunteers who provide support to Kern County and the State of California through example, camaraderie and good will; and who represent the Sheriff in providing community service, with the primary emphasis on the use of horses.

Posse members are uniformed representatives of the Sheriff, but are not Law Enforcement personnel and do not enforce laws. The Posse has male and female members and is always interested in recruiting new members that are willing to be active within the group. The Kern County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse continues the grand tradition of the old west by providing volunteer services to the Sheriff and the community.

While the Sheriff's Department does provide some support to the Posse, most Posse expenses are covered by members, donations and fund-raising events. 

The Kern County Mounted Sheriff's Posse is a 501C-4 non-profit organization.


Over 70 years of service and goodwill to our community.....

Our Mission

The mission of the Kern County Sheriff's Mounted Posse is to maintain a group of qualified volunteers interested in law enforcement, community enhancement, and horse related activities. The posse will represent to the community the Sheriff's Department's desire to be approachable, caring and involved.

2015 Captain

James Montoya

2013 Secretary
Stan Henry   RIP


2015 Lt. Mark Weller

2015 Treasurer Tom Tully