To the Marvelous Six who braved the crazy traffic and crazier people to be the pioneers of the Posse for the 2021 Hollywood Christmas parade. THANK YOU!!!

What a great experience. Thank you Leeann, Anthony, Craig, Lt Larry, Tom for the outstanding performance yesterday.

Thank you Brenda and Barb for being wonderful ground support staff walking the entire parade watching our backs.

Thank you Cindy, Paul, Sam, Sami and Wyatt for all the help getting us set up, torn down and everything in between

Thank you Heidi for the flower arrangements and all your hard work

Thank you Teri from Broken horn for giving us the opportunity, what a great honor and privilege

Thank you God for letting us all make it there, through the Parade and home safely!!

The Hollywood Christmas Parade will air on the CW Network on Dec 17th (don’t know what time) We will have Photos and a couple of videos on the Posse Website in a few days.

Here is a Facebook link that Tom just sent me

Great Job everyone. It was an experience I will never forget!! Hope you all get rested up and have a Great Day!!!

Daron Hobson

PDF links with all info pertaining to the parade are found below the photos.

Scroll down for Video and Photos